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You want to grow, succeed and make a great impact. That requires a revolution in thinking. An overhaul in habits. And a massive infusion of energy, responsibility and personal vision. That’s precisely what Unconditional Responsibility Seminars and Consulting empower you to do.

Take control of your life or business and move forward. Learn from others who’ve done it – prosperous people always learn from those who’ve succeeded before them.


Unconditional Responsibility seminars cover an array of topics designed to improve individual, business, and team success. These seminars are integrated with real-world scenarios that focus on lifting every level of your personal and professional lives. Leaving you with action steps that can put into place immediately. Training is an event – learning is a process.


We offer the only coaching system tied to the 7 Unconditional Responsibility principles. Our coaches, led by Dr. Chris Neibauer, are selected based on their unique experience with Unconditional Responsibility as well as the breadth and depth of their work with individual and team development. We work with you to develop a customized coaching plan and timeline based on your goals.

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Human Nature: Understanding Others & Yourself Through Unconditional Responsibility
Park City, Utah